Jenn Tisdale’s Top Picks for Crafty 2019 / by Eric Norwood


Jenn Tisdale, creator and director of the Death Becomes Us True Crime Festival produced by Brightest Young Things and MD RennFest connoisseur, weighs in on her top picks for this year’s Crafty Arts & Makers Festival. (Be sure to mark your calendars for Nov. 8-10 when #DeathBecomesUs returns to the Lisner Auditorium in DC!) #StayCrafty

mt royal 2.png

Mt. Royal Soap Co. Hey it's me, your friend who occasionally makes her own face masks and wants to have a "quick" 30 minute chat about your skincare routine. I am obsessed with soaps and skincare products that will not treat your skin like garbage. It's the largest human organ you have and deserves respect. I'm always on the lookout for anything natural and 100% free of phthalates and parabens (no really, do you have 30 minutes to chat about why these things are bad). Mt. Royal Soap Co. has the kind of products I'm always on the hunt for, free of everything bad, filled with everything good, and will legit help your skin. Also guys sunblock … please.

Alternate Histories.png

Alternate Histories I love history so much. I once went to Gettysburg just so I could stay in a home that was briefly converted into a hospital during the Civil War. I guess you could say it was the first pop-up. Therefore I am absolutely going to make a beeline for the Alternate Histories booth, because who says you can't have a little fun with the past? Alternate Histories adds monsters, zombies, robots, and other sci-fi creatures of notes to old maps, photos, etc … to make them, well, better! Sure, you've seen the Washington Monument hundreds of times but have you seen it with huge octopus tentacles wrapped around it? Now you can!


John W. Fesken Art Nothing bad has ever come out of New Orleans. From its history to its music to its food to its Anne Rice novels, New Orleans is the best. Heck, Nic Cage is going to be entombed there in a mausoleum that looks like a giant pyramid (true story). New Orleans is one of the most magical cities in America. It's no wonder that I was immediately drawn to John W. Fesken's art which has that odd, cooky, creepy vibe that I have grown to love from the Big Easy. Using handmade objects as well as heavily deconstructed found items, Fesken creates incredibly interesting and, let's face it, weird 3D art. And since I'm a weirdo, I'm on board.

John W Fesken.png
Eilisain Jewelry.png

Eilisain Jewelry Did I mention I'm kind of creepy? In a chill way. And as such I am willing to toss out any amount of money for offbeat jewelry made from polished gemstones, crystals, talons, claws, teeth, and bone. Now if you're picturing something from A Texas Chainsaw Massacre you can banish those thoughts immediately. Lisette Fee, the artist behind Eilisain Jewelry, makes absolutely stunning pieces inspired by the myths and legends of ancient cultures. Each piece is different. Each piece has its own story. Look, you don't have to be someone drawn to the stranger side of life to appreciate what she's doing. You just have to be fun.


Wrong World Ceramics I'm definitely noticing a pattern regarding my choices and that pattern is dark. And by dark I mean more of a fun and flirty Addams Family kind of dark, but dark nonetheless. Wrong World Ceramics describes itself in a way that would make me swipe right on Bumble if this was a bio: Wrong World Ceramics captures brutal and ritualistic elements combined with light hearted cynicism and a self-deprecating view on this stupid world. Thank you to Wrong World for finally making the version of Live Laugh Love that I crave … Die. Cry. Hate.

Wrong World Ceramics.png